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Lastest Update:2020-08-13

The Latest Chapter:93 embrace fire

I'm young and beautiful. What is purity? I just use what I have to get the future I want until I meet that guy. I've been the winner of my life
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First word decision
Second, the prosecutor
Third, undercover
The fourth is unexpected
First performance
Session 6 end of action
On the garage
Turn yourself in
No credit
Chapter 10 evil fate begins
A deal
Dream come true
13 return
Chapter 14 self defense
15. Accommodation
Ignition and extinction
Number 17 I was sold
Option 18
Talking about smoking
Word 20 surrender
Talking about me in the mirror
Words 22 crying
Once disobedience
The dog of prime minister's house
Pay back the money
The first time to accompany
Where do I belong
The corresponding remuneration
Words 30 things stolen
Session 31 end of examination
The most honorable person
Words 33 are true
Once again
Report 35
The wisest choice
Birthday gift
The 27th Birthday
No. 40 drug trafficking
The humble life
His life
Simple life
Talking about cheap goods
Lesson 45 what to do
Take care of yourself
47 president Yang
Talking about brothers
49th refusal
The madman who makes trouble
51 meeting
Question 52
Number 53 give me cash
Money for coffins
Color of corpses
Message 56 to the president
The guest is the group leader
58 guess
59th session sending documents
Talk 60
The most terrible devil
Words 62 seeing off
The best choice
64 stop it
Call 65 take over
Bet on your own destiny
Words 68 goodbye
Shuji is arrested
Requirements of group leader
Give up yourself
Call 72
73 boring things
Life style
The change of mood
His past
Words 77: Gambling
High level collection
Talking about barefoot
80th words save Shuji
The 81st words will be an army
82 love
The only man
84 forgetting
Business gathering
Sign the contract
87th words serve
Smile belongs to only one person
89th words worth 12 billion
Nail 90
Show me the 91
People like fire
93 embrace fire
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