The Landlord's Daughter

Author:Dean Whit

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Lastest Update:2020-08-17

The Latest Chapter:113 words, this is just right

I have a crazy landlord, and every time his room is filled with indescribable sounds, until one day, I saw his beautiful daughter
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The first is not to be seen by others
Second, negotiation
The fourth word is unbalanced
The fifth way
Special gifts
The seventh word was caught
Reward for portrait painting
Talk 9 noise
10:00 p.m
Communication for 50 days
12 anger
On purpose
16 position
Is word 17 dead?
Chapter 19 counterattack
20th request
21 confidentiality
Chapter 22 fear
Chapter 23 tears
No. 24 I'm the only one
26 planning
The 28th story
The 29th is true!
Meeting by chance
Lesson 31 preparation in advance
32 threats
The right choice
The most beautiful look
Chapter 35 agreement
Talking about blame
Ask for help
The 38th word is unbearable
Words 39 fight
Take a knife
The activities of these people
The 42nd word sends the battle note
43 hugs
Beat down boss Liu
Pay back the money
Chapter 46 Knight
You can't get rid of the 47
Vent your anger
Lesson 49 punishment
Blood stains
The same fate
Break into the classroom
54 because of you
55 apology
Let's relax
Two sisters
Meeting in the alley
Two women in the alley
The 60th talk about neighborhood living
61 landlord
Talk 62 humiliation
Talk 63: be humble
64 evil heart
Conversation with adults
You can't refuse
Words 67: forbearance
Unnecessary struggle
The cunning woman
The moment of single choice
Lesson 71 follow the class
72. Force you to do it
73, come on me
74 words and I fight!
75 don't push me
Let's start with the 76th
Lesson 77 hands on
The 78th word
You can't lose
Words 80 terrible eyes
The 81st story
82nd domestic helper
Words 83 humiliation
Bullying and humiliation
Over shoulder fall
Self esteem
The best play of life
89th words hospital
Talk about Junbiao's mother
Lesson 91 humiliation
The shame of compromise
Talk 93 taxi
Thank you
Story 97 Junbiao's mother 2
Word 99 discovery
Words 100 cunning
101 concealment
Talk 102 negotiation
103 meeting
Be a good sister
105 hospital
No. 106: wrong mind
You're here
On pressure
No. 109 don't you play
Words 110 just now and now
You go home
Words 112: Chaos
113 words, this is just right
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