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The Contract Lover Of The President

Author:Andrea Habakkuk

Action:Add to Favorites, Go To Bottom

Lastest Update:2020-08-17

The Latest Chapter:The 120 Finale

Why does the orphan girl with rough life get the favor of the president? What is the unknown past of the president of cold noodles?
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The Contract Lover Of The President Full catalogue of Comics
The first story is forced into Fengyue field
The world of Demons
One million for the first night?
Chapter 4 resignation
Run home
You lied to me
The seventh word was saved by Ou Haotian again
You can't work without education
You've got a job!
Part time job
The 11th is going to be late! (next high energy)
I'm short of a heroine
On the 14th, overpowering drugs
15 help me
The 16th word is so hot~
The president was very angry
I would like to (continue driving in the next period)
Woman, you pissed me off
20 she or?
The 21st, you son of a bitch
I'll pay you back!
I hate you!
In fact, last night & hellip; & hellip;
The clothes are all broken
26 you go to gamble again
The 27th word picked up is not ripe
28th, I hit a handsome guy
No.29 see you later~
On behalf of the 30th compensation
Do you want to save your dad?
We meet again
Cut off his finger!
Let me play first
The 35th call you disobedient
How dare you push me?
No accident, Dad!
My woman I protect
It's better to be my lover
Number 40 don't hit my mother
Contract Lover
Hope parents get divorced
Unit 43
I don't like waiting for people
No. 45: being jealous
46 live with me
Lesson 47 teaching the little white rabbit
Lesson 48 be obedient
I sleep with you in my arms
He even remembered & hellip; & hellip;
Call me Haotian
Let's work hard
Big star he Mengyun
She stole from me
The 55th was framed
You are taken care of by others
Two awkward people
58th, here's a lollipop for you
59 charity party
60 words wait for her
Lesson 61 punish you today
I was sick last night
I'll ask for leave for you
How to coax a girl?
65 amusement park
Talking about you secretly
Your mother misses you very much
68 coma
Are you pregnant?
Talking about Ou Haotian's mother
Bad relationships
The unknown past
No.73 drunk
Go to his mother
The 75th word is disgusted
Mr. Xiong
Please have a barbecue
Thank you very much
Gentle president ou
Talk 80 rainy night
The last thing you want to see
When the secret is revealed
The secret of cheating
Mother is back
The 85th story: he big star
86 drink it
Play before you go
88th, go and save her
The 89th word can't run
Story 90
Chapter 91 ancient evergreen
On the verge of bankruptcy
Life and death
Traffic accident
Ou Haotian's counterattack
Word 96 sneak in
Take the information
You are very important to me
Formal communication
How to hold a wedding
101 ex girlfriend
The 102nd story of cheating
Words 103 discovery
104 leave
A foreign land
Meeting father and son
Two similar people
Chapter 108 DNA identification
Three generations of grandparents and grandchildren
Talking about mother and foster mother
She is my daughter
New neighbors
Try to get back to you
Talking about sticking to people
He's my dad?
Two mothers
117 about the two of us
I'm his wife
The 120 Finale