Raise A Sister And Become A Wife

Author:James Sawyer

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Lastest Update:2020-08-26

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 50 happy

Li Xinran's mother was betrayed by her husband. Before she died, she asked her friend Ye Tianzheng to take care of Li Xinran. Li Xinran grew up beside Ye Minghao, ye Tianzheng's son. They were both childhood sweethearts, but the good times were not long
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Second, go home
Chapter 3 fiancee
Your birthday
Number five come home with me
The wine is too bad
8 coma
Chapter 9 wake up
Family members
Chapter 11 visit
Lesson 12 dinner
Phone number 14
15 sleep together
16 gift
Chapter 17 breaking the engagement
New home
I like it
I want to marry Xinran
Chapter 22 disputes
Statement 23
No.24 rejection
Match 25
26 together
Chapter 27 crisis
The 28th story: getting drunk
Good night
Traffic accident
Third brother injured
The 32nd is not an accident
33 care
Talk 34 negotiation
35 public opinion
Go out
Chapter 37 danger
Chapter 38 kidnapping
Talk 39
Attack by stealth
Chapter 41 hospitalization
The plant man
Lesson 43: Conviction
44 pregnancy
45 kindness
The truth
Lesson 47 solution
How to prepare for the wedding
49 wedding
Chapter 50 happy
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