Taoyun Village Doctor

Author:Andrea Habakkuk

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Lastest Update:2020-11-21

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 81 hero saving beauty

A serious illness led to the failure of the college entrance examination. The sky closed a door for ye fan, but opened a window for him. He got the true biography of Fu Xi. From then on, he was able to cure his illness and get rich. Most importantly, those beautiful women, big and small, rushed over like hungry wolves, which made him very upset
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First, you've got the power
First acquisition of power (2)
Third, peep at beauty changing clothes
Selling ginseng in the city
Meeting the enemy
Meeting Fu Xiaofang for the first time
How to grow vegetables with homemade potions
Strange voice of sister-in-law's house
Talking about being teased by a young woman
Prepare for a big fight
Chapter 11: gambling with Feiyan
The transformation of Yanda
The 13th sentence, of course, is to forgive her
The rhythm of being green?
Chapter 15 hero saves beauty
Love by the river
Chapter 17 sister Qingqing
Talking about workers
Chapter 19 honghuazai
Training white wolf with bare hands
Man can't say no
Chapter 22 sister Xin
The 23rd is very big
24 stop it!
Buying clothes
A lonely man and a few girls
Opening the door
No.29 force the bullet out
The 30th sentence is so soft
Mandarin duck bath
How comfortable
Let me help you
You are good or bad
Be jealous
36 accelerate growth
The 37th word is just a smell
Chapter 38 goals
That's a great 39
Lesson 40 playing in the water
Talking about cohabitation
I really want to put you in the right place
No. 43 don't be here
The field
It's sold out here
46 together
No. 47. Don't leave
The 48th is killing me
Eating in the bowl and looking at the pot
The 50th word
51st words ability
This is in the office
Don't be afraid
How about men?
Word 55 almost dried up
Talking about shopping
I've always been good at it
How can I help you?
How are you
Good figure
People are good at being deceived
Talk 63 cowards
Chapter 64 flower protector
Talking about the little rascal
You can't be his woman
67 wife, be gentle
All men want to hear
Who dares to attack my wife
The 70 words are glib
Do what you want
You two have to be obedient
Congratulations to you
Take a break
Money is not a problem
I miss you too
Turn to the 77
Words 78: flustered
There is something in wine
You are dead!
Chapter 81 hero saving beauty
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